The Women’s Building stands for what’s possible when the potential of girls and women is nurtured, rather than locked away. Through its very structure and planning, it serves a new kind of justice, one based on collaboration, partnership, fairness and equity.

Reborn as a hub of activism and engagement, The Women’s Building will offer social justice leaders the resources and support they need to drive critical change. It’s a workspace – and more. It will rise as a vertical neighborhood, designed to spark serendipitous interactions, build partnerships, create networks and grow sustainable solutions. It will bring diverse organizations together, as they envision and build a better world for girls and women, around the globe.
Activists have always embraced collaboration, despite office locations that keep them apart – far-flung, dictated by rent. For NYC, The Women’s Building will change that. With co-located organizations and shared infrastructure, the work inside these walls will improve lives on the outside, with greater creativity and cohesion. It will also pull the outside in, through public lectures, conferences, performances and art. A transformed building, dedicated to a transformed world.